Hi! I’m Vania Cotta, the girl behind “‘Delicious Cravings’ at Vania’s Kitchen”.

Growing up with no one to officially teach me how to cook, I believe that good food is worthy of celebration. Through my blog I want to celebrate the variety in food.

I couldn’t think of a better day than today to begin this celebration- the journey of being a food blogger and celebrating food. A journey to celebrating my creations, my recipes. Not forgetting my creativity which I try and bring into every dish prepared by me, be it a cake baked by me or a chicken pulao cooked by me…

4th July 2015- a day to remember, my 21st birthday too!

I can never get tired working tirelessly in the kitchen the entire day preparing something which will bring smiles on those faces which savour the dish.

Real food takes real work. And it’s worth it.

Wow! Amazing! Awesome! Yummy! Delicious! You’re so good at this! – these are some of the things I often hear while observing those happy faces relishing my recipes.

Criticism is something I need, not in a negative way but just enough to improve my cooking skills. To know where I fail and to improve the skills I still have got to master well. Anyway, criticism is better than sarcasm.

The main idea I want to put forth through my blog is that: Cooking from scratch can be much easier than once thought.

My blog will be an avenue for all those amateur food lover who want to try their hands on cooking a pretty decent dish. My blog should come in handy to all those novice cooks trying to prepare quick- bites to add taste to their delicious cravings.

The highlights from ‘Delicious Cravings’ at Vania’s Kitchen are simple and fresh family-friendly recipes. However, I won’t rule out on restaurant reviews or specific dishes which grab my attention whether online or in a restaurant or maybe even in the street food plethora.

My blog will also feature lots of great recipes that represent the local food culture- the Goan as well as the Indian food culture. And, now even the British food culture as I’ve moved to London…Here, you’ll find me cooking up a storm: dishes inspired by favourite restaurants, something out of the box, or just whatever I can lay my hands on at that moment.

I shall try to pair all my recipes and dishes with spectacular photographs and videos whenever possible and needed.

Rather than just a mere collection of recipes, I’ll try my best to make this blog a food experience for all those who look at it. I shall make the use of stories to explore the role of food in our lives- as a tool to nourish our bodies, unite family members and friends, show appreciation and affection for others and provide us with a unique food heritage.

I love all food, so it’d be hard for me to choose a favourite, but I have a soft spot for cheese, coffee, and Portuguese-Goan foods are my delicious cravings. I love cooking for occasions and I enjoy every bit of it.
Food has shaped our world and in return food is also shaped by our world. Given the complexities of the rich, ancient and varied Goan cuisine, food has always been a prominent marker of the Goan identity. I am a Goan. And, I promise to delve into this Goan cuisine through my blog.

My future plans:
Get my cook book published. Then another. Then many more.

Open my own restaurant. Then another. One day become a famous name in the industry.

Win a Masterchef title!

NEW UPDATED PLAN FOR THE FUTURE: being a successful cake decorator and opening my own cafe cum cake boutique.

I have DELICIOUS CRAVINGS! I love to cook. I love to bake too! And all this takes place AT VANIA’S KITCHEN!

Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy this journey with me!


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