An “Arroz de Chouriço” meal


Hi folks! Apologies for the delay in putting up a new post. I was a little caught up with a million of other things to do- travelling to Vellore, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai to add-on to my being ‘busy to blog’ list.

My hometown or must I call it a modern village, the place where I grew up is well known for the famous Goan sausages.


I grew up hearing the Konkani phrase Agxikar Chouriçokar which also means a person from Agassaim is a sausage seller (lover). Once upon a time, people from far and near used to come to Agassaim specially to buy these delicious and flavourful sausages which would be sold from some households in Agassaim and which looked like a long rosary in appearance.

These home-made sausages are well marinated with red masala spices and vinegar, and then the pickled pork meat is stuffed into the tubes of dry edible animal intestines. These are then left on to dry in a smoke-filled room and are later sold to Goans or exported abroad.

If you ever go to Margao or Vasco from Panjim via the old highway, do halt at Agassaim to savour on one of its delicacies, a yummy Chouriço pão (sausage bread).

Today’s recipe is one of those dishes which I am a very good at preparing, but with a fusion of my own ingredients.

As the monsoon season doesn’t allow us (Goans) to eat a lot of fresh sea water fish, these days dried preserved foods like parra, papads, pickles, sausages, etc. come in handy. Rainy days are perfect synonyms for ‘lazy’ days. And, I’m sure that most of y’all who have to work on these rainy weekdays wouldn’t want to come back home and get busy in the kitchen once again.  This is a nice Sunday lunch recipe too. So, here’s a delicious quick meal- spicy and flavourful.

Arroz de Chouriço Recipe


10 Sausages

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

5 Finely Chopped Onions

10 Garlic Flakes

8 Cloves

1 inch Cinnamon Stick

1 tsp Cumin Seeds

4 cups Sausage Stock

2 cups Basmati Rice

6 Chicken Maggi Cubes

Oil for frying



Grind all the dry spices together along with the garlic flakes until a fine paste is formed.


Heat the oil and add the onions to it when the oil is hot enough. Sauté the onions until golden brown.


Add the garlic-spice mixture and sauté for some more time until it is fried adequately.



Remove the sausage meat out of the animal intestine, add them to the onion mixture and fry the sausages in it until done.


Add the sausage stock and bring it to a boil. Add the powdered maggi cubes and stir thoroughly.


Wash the rice until the water turns clear and add the rice to the mixture. Lower the fire and cook until done.


Serve hot!


Enjoy the dish!


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